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Happy Birthday

Happy 29th Birthday to me!!!!!

One year closer to 30 but i don't feel old at all. Must be my maturity level. hehehehehe

Anyway, mother nature gave me snow for my birthday and thus campus was closed until 10am. It was glorious to sleep in and go to work late. Plus it is beautiful outside. It truly feels like Christmas.


I was tagged by Crystal to do the 4th picture photo tag.

Here is the fourth picture from my fourth file:This is from this summer when Blake and I went to Mexico for our 3rd year anniversary. I actually just learned that Tulum (pictured) was a sacred place to the Mayans and they have 3 different carvings on the temple for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Pretty cool huh?
Crystal, can't wait to see you at Christmas!!!

My New Store

Hooray, I finally did it.
Check out my etsy website for fabulous jewelry handcrafted by me. Click in my mini store and it will take you to my website. Here are some photos to lure you in:


Thanksgiving was awesome!!!!

I got to go to my sisters home and my parents came down from Seattle. Lots of good food and socializing. You can't beat that.

I got to make the green bean casserole which was ironic. I hate green beans!!! But I still ate some just for Blake. He loves them. But on a happy note, I got to also make an apple pie and the marvelous stuffing!

Melissa and I got to go shopping the day after. Boy did we live it up for like 6 hours of glorious shopping. It was fun to hang out with my big sis. Just the two of us. We actually got a lot done.

Then we were able to go see Australia on Saturday. Love the movie and I think everyone should see it. Epic fantasticness.

I have to say that my nieces are sooo cute and fun. Here is a funny epiphany they had. Grandma (mom) overheard and told me the gist of it. It went down like this :

"Mommy and Aunt Heather are having fun together huh!"

"Yeah and they are sisters!!!"

"They like to do things together."…

Twilight....need I say more?

Ok, I absolutely love the twilight series.

I went and saw the movie on Saturday with a few friends and boy were we stoked. It was good. But I have to say that I was very disappointed with the movie. I already knew it would not be as good as the book but seriously I would have done a lot of things different.

1. More character development for Bella & Edward, Bella's Dad, high school friends...

2. Have Bella actually close her mouth for once. I am sorry but having your mouth open all the time is not good acting.

3. Better effects for the sparkling skin. Rays of light and glow or something, not fake shimmer skin that looks like the back side of a sticker.

4. Edward with out all the eyeliner and lipstick. Seriously is he a Drag vamp? No he was supposed to be hot!

5. Prettier vamps? Where the not all supposed to be like drop dead gorgeous??? they did alright but could have done better

6. Better acting. Maybe they will be better in the sequel cuz they will have had more experience.

Football game pictures

Dads Weekend Chili & football

I had to work on Saturday for dad's weekend and you can tell it was really rough!

It was dang cold but the food was good and i had VIP tickets to the football game. It was an amazing game and I sat by some very stressed out and intense fanatic males. It was hilarious and of course they offered to explain all the plays for me.

One guy behind me got a phone call that when something like this:

"I am at the football game and under extreme pressure right now!..."

"Yes, i am under extreme pressure! They just got a touch down but are now trying to take away the points.".........

"Don't stress me out. I need a time out right now, don't stress me out i am under alot of pressure".....

It must have been his wife but it was extremely hilarious to see a grown man so stressed out over football. Ok, plus he was a little drunk so it made it even more funny.

It was perfect weather and all around a great day.

Halloween Cont.

Another picture from Halloween.

Happy halloween

Happy Halloween.

We dressed up for work today. My Boss was Sarah Palin and even had vote for me cards to pass out with funny quotes like i can see russia from my house... . It was pretty hilarious. I just wanted to wear sweats to work so here i am trying to pull off a Pacific Coast surfer with leis. hehehe lame i know but i was really comfortable. The dean had a hard time figuring me out. Where is your creativity huh???? I really dug my cardboard surfboard. It's the me mini model. It is soo hot right now!!!!


My car got broken into this morning and my iPod was stolen.I am soooo sad. Blake gave me that iPod a long time ago and put good music on it for me. I neglected to lock my car when I got home last night and this morning most of my doors were open, the glove box open, and the middle arm rest thing was open. The one night i don't lock it!!!My beach towel of all things was taken out and thrown in my flowers in front of my apt. they must have saw the muddy doggy prints on it from when Toby and I went running in the rain and chucked it. I think it happened this morning because my battery was not dead due to the doors being open. At least the windows were not broken or more damage was done.At first it didn’t look like anything was stolen, but then I remembered I had my iPod in there from working out the other day. But I searched all my bags, purses, and apt to confirm it was really gone. I filed a police report and called my insurance company but they basically can’t do anything. At lea…

Coastal Field Trip

Hooray for the Beach. I got to take a group of new and returning students on a field trip to the Oregon Coast. It was a blast. We had a world renowned Oceanographer/ Geologist (who teaches for the my department) as our guide. We went to Seal rock, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Ona Beach for Lunch, and then on the the dormant volcano to Mary's Peak. It was very interesting to learn about the ancient volcanoes that shaped the Oregon Coast and about the different kinds of sediments, and how to identify them.

Seal Rock
I found a slimy friend. Our unofficial mascot is the slug because our computer lab in the the basement so they call it S.L.U.G. Students Learning Underground. Anyway i got a kick out of it. It was pretty big!

Lots of sea foam. We had to trudge through it to get to the tidepools. Under the white fluffy top was puck green sludge. It was gross and sticky, I guess i should have expected that of dead organic matters. It did not come off easily.

All in all it was such an…

P-Town and Utah

Blake and I got to go to Pendleton and then to West Point Utah last week.
It was good to see family again and have a good time!
In Pendleton Blake took me on a date to Great Pacific (GP) my favorite restaurant ever!
Then we went to La Grand with Blake brother Blair & his wife Amber to go shoot lots of guns.
It was awesome to be in the mountains again and shoot stuff up. Nothing living of course.
Later on we went to visit his parents in Utah. For this leg of the trip Blake didn't know i was coming but his mom did. I dropped him off at the airport Thursday and i flew over Friday night.
The shock on his face was priceless as i sneaked through the front door. The next morning I surprised his dad too. It was fun to be sneaky! On Saturday Blake and I went for a drive up the canyon to Snow Basin resort to see the trees leaves changing and to hike around.

We took the gondola up to the top and and it started raining and thundering so we didn't last long on the trails. On the way down go…


It has been awhile!

For Labor day I took my good friend Kristin surfing at the Oregon Coast. It was her first time and I am proud to say that I got her hooked. She is obsessed so of course I have been suppling her obsession with movies, books, and cool websites. Now i am not the only one obsessed and wished I could go all the time.

So Sunday during sacrament of all places I suggested we go to the beach as a good sunday activity.
So we did. It was amazing! We went to Otter Rock & Devils Punch Bowl to watch the sunset, have a picnic dinner (some sand included), watch the waves and have good old friendship building time. We saw a few old surfer dudes paddle out and catch a few waves. And we saw a bunch of whales in the twilight. It was magical. I love the beach!!!

Friday Office crafty Fairies....

My office manager brought in hollyhock flowers from her garden and taught us how to make fairies.
It was pretty fun and hilarious we were doing it at work.

What you need:
a bloomed flower for the dress
Flower bud for the head

set the bloomed hollyhock upside down. Take a bud and peel off the green outer layers. You will see little holes at the base. Pick out two for your eyes. Shape the end of the left over greens for the nose. opposite of your eyes put the stem of the bloomed flower in the hole, now you have a head. Soo cute. Here is what we made....

5K's rock cont.


5K's Rock

Yesterday I ran in my first 5K ever. Hoooray. It was sooo fun. At mothers day Blake made me promise to run a 5K with him within a years time. I tried to get out of it but to no avail..anyway so I was telling a coworker about it and we became running buddies. Needless to say I guess i didn't need a year to train. On a whim I saw the Wondergirl race posted a window while cruising downtown and thought shoot I should do it.

So I talked to LeeAnn my running buddy and we signed up. It was sooo fun and i am so glad I did it. I was really proud of my self and i wasn't evern last. I had better time than i thought i would too. I am dog sitting right now so i took the pooch with me. I am glad I did. It got his walk out of the way and it was fun having him as my partner. He did really well too (don't worry the owners know i take him running).
I am totally hooked and am planning on doing the next race in Nov. Hooray for running.

Pictures to come.

Guess who is in the dog house???

Blake went Skydiving...without me....I am totally jealous. ? Yeah, so I get to work this morning to find that Blake sent me some pictures as an innocent way to tell me about it. I guess he was excited. Here is the proof he is mister adventure...
Well, OK at least he looked cute doing it but I am still jealous.
At least it looks like he finally got a hair cut too. Good job honey.

Oh, you are sooooo cool Blake!
Who is the crazy guy hitch'n a ride?
OK so now I am thinking i can going surfing without you for Labor day amd not feel guilty about it!! How mature am I? Not very mature but I feel better though hehehe Honey I love you and you will have to take me next time since you are now a pro! :)

Mexico Adventure Day 5

Time to pack up a leave. I was actually ready to leave believe it or not. The Weather was really raining and windy as Hurricane Dolly started forming. We got out of dodge at the perfect time.
Don't I look hot? Me sick & tried after a long night. Yeah i totally didn't primp for the day.

We caught the shuttle to the airport early in the morning. The travel agency packed us in the van like sardines. It was kinda unpleasant. Good thing I am not tall because my knees where already hitting the back of the seat in front of me. Poor Blake. We finally made it to the airport and made it back to Dallas, TX safe and sound. Then we had a 4 hour drive back to Houston. The bonus was we got to stop and go to Dairy Queen and get a blizzard. We never do that, so it was a nice treat plus it was soooo hot.

Sorry this is a boring post but all we did was travel all day. Exciting. I'll get into posting my next chapter of my vacation (Texas) later on.

Peace people

Mexico Adventure Day 4

Day 4 was awesome. We took a taxi to Playa del Carmen to catch a ferry to the island of Cozumel.It has some of the best diving in the world and was mostly undiscovered until Jacque Cousteau came along. Blake was really stocked to go scuba diving but then realized he for got his dive card. He was really bummed out but we whipped out our lonely planet guide book and found that it is on the best placed to go snorkiling too. Good thing we still had all our gear.
We we hoped on a super sweet fast ferry called AltraMar II.

Sorry the picture sucks we forgot to take a picture so I tried to get one off the internet.

Once we got to port we walked around window shopping for a bit and marveled at all the bright buildings. Really cool place but not so cheap due to all the Cruise ships. The locals like to play rip off the tourists. hehehe We got a taxi and booked it to beach Playa Palancar. We booked a boat to take us out snorkling to reefs Columbia Gardens and Palanacar. We had to wait a little wh…

Mexico Adventure Day 3

Day three we just had a chill day and took advantage of all the free activities at the hotel.
We went to the beach and tried to get a sailboat to take out but they wouldn't give us one to take out because it was to windy or something. Lame!!!! Here is a picture still of what we could of had. We could have shelled out the dough for a wave runner but we didn't.
So we check out the beach a little and went to the swing bar to get virgin Pina Colada's and swung around for a little bit and then check out the sailboats again. After our refresshing drink we attempted to snorkle. The water was a warm bath. So nice. The water was murky but it was still fun to swim around. We saw a few fish. Then after snorkiling we got lunch and headed for the pool.

There were alot of Europeans at the resort but we were still alittle shocked to see topless ladies and speedo's strutting their stuff. We tried to stay away. It is interesting how different cultures had totally different body image vi…

Mexico Adventure Day 2

On day two we slept in late. How great is that! I love sleeping in!!!! It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to go see some ruins. We got a taxi to take up to Playa del Carmen where we could catch the local bus to some ruins. Well Blake cut a deal with the taxi driver and he was our chauffeur for the day. I am pretty sure he got a sweet deal from us. It was awesome to know we had transportation waiting for us and we could take our time. We are not the big tour group type of people so we forged our own way in style. hehehehe not really. The first stop was Coba. Coba has the highest temple and has not been totally renovated so it is still all overgrown with jungle. I felt like an archeologist's seeing the ruins for the first time. A few key places had been cleaned up and we had fun climbing all over everything. Here is one of the ball courts that the mayans played in. This one had a carved skull in it. Owwwww scary i wonder who was sacrificed? Winner or Loser? Then we…

Mexico Adventure Day 1

Hello everyone!
I just got back from my Mexico Adventure with Blake. It was Awesome!!!!
So i flew in on July 15th to Houston and rejoined my super hot husband. Then we drove 4 hours to Dallas to catch our flight in the wee hours of the morning. So we arrived in Cancun Mexico on July 16th. Wow was it hot, but interestingly enough it was not as humid as Houston. Interesting. I was still sweating though in the 90+ weather. We the hopped on our shuttle to head on down to the Riviera Maya where our hotel "Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda was located. It was about an hour south of Cancun. It was Beautiful. When we got there our room was not ready so we had to wait about 30min in the non air conditioned lobby. Then finally we took the little golf cart bus to our Building. this resort was huge. Good thing we like to walk. Anyway when we arrived housekeeping was still doing its thing so we had to wait some more. We had no slept for over 24 hours so we were kinda cranky. But at least they had cu…

Remember the time...

I got this from Sylvie Anne's blog.
I thought it would be fun and I hope you will play along.
Sylvie you better post something!

OK, Here are the directions:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.

If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope yours was as fun as mine.
All the little girls wanted a piece of the action and I love this picture of them deliberating who would pick and what fireworks would be set off first. Look close and you can see them pointing fingers. I love Aaron's expression as he patiently lets them express their little opinions. can you just hear the squeals and heated debates?
Some of the other girls watching the show. They were trying to be brave and get as close and they could but they were still scared. It was funny to see them jump back then get close again.
Baby Clara's first 4th of July. Isn't my niece so cute?