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Twilight....need I say more?

Ok, I absolutely love the twilight series.

I went and saw the movie on Saturday with a few friends and boy were we stoked. It was good. But I have to say that I was very disappointed with the movie. I already knew it would not be as good as the book but seriously I would have done a lot of things different.

1. More character development for Bella & Edward, Bella's Dad, high school friends...

2. Have Bella actually close her mouth for once. I am sorry but having your mouth open all the time is not good acting.

3. Better effects for the sparkling skin. Rays of light and glow or something, not fake shimmer skin that looks like the back side of a sticker.

4. Edward with out all the eyeliner and lipstick. Seriously is he a Drag vamp? No he was supposed to be hot!

5. Prettier vamps? Where the not all supposed to be like drop dead gorgeous??? they did alright but could have done better

6. Better acting. Maybe they will be better in the sequel cuz they will have had more experience.

Football game pictures

Dads Weekend Chili & football

I had to work on Saturday for dad's weekend and you can tell it was really rough!

It was dang cold but the food was good and i had VIP tickets to the football game. It was an amazing game and I sat by some very stressed out and intense fanatic males. It was hilarious and of course they offered to explain all the plays for me.

One guy behind me got a phone call that when something like this:

"I am at the football game and under extreme pressure right now!..."

"Yes, i am under extreme pressure! They just got a touch down but are now trying to take away the points.".........

"Don't stress me out. I need a time out right now, don't stress me out i am under alot of pressure".....

It must have been his wife but it was extremely hilarious to see a grown man so stressed out over football. Ok, plus he was a little drunk so it made it even more funny.

It was perfect weather and all around a great day.

Halloween Cont.

Another picture from Halloween.