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Dash in the dark 5K and other things

I got to volunteer at the Dash in the Dark 5K last week. What a blast! We painted the faces of Snow College's Girls Basketball team and spread them out along the race route. They turned out awesome. I was the official time keeper and got to start the race. Soooo coool. We started at the old Pioneer Cemetery and end finished at the new cemetery. Scary!!!! 

Then I raced up to SLC to meet up with an old BYU-H friend and stayed out way too late. The next morning I got to see these cute faces...

Love these kids, their crazy hair, and fun personalities!!!
And on the drive home got stuck behind some of these again lol

And ended my night here. Amazing!


Hope you had a fun Halloween!!!
We dressed up for work and had the little preschoolers come and trick-or-treat. Too cute! Last Saturday I had a Halloweenish themed double date of geocaching and a haunted tour. It was pretty fun. 

 Chill'n with my cute niece Megan Saturday Night glam :)  Our geocache find :) Writing in on the log...  One of our haunted stops...
hahahahahahha this makes me laugh every time!  Little Red, Mad Scientist and Witch.  Cute witches! Walmart was out of hats so I made a little dinky one. Didn't have a lot of trick-or-treaters but a few still came. Maybe because I was dog sitting and not really in town. But isn't she cute?