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Nebo Canyon and the Colors of Fall

Had a great Sunday and took a Sunday drive up Nebo Canyon to see all the pretty colors. Hope yours was great too :)

 Mouth of Nebo Canyon
Pretty Colors!!!!  Nothing like being out and enjoying God's creations on the sabbath. Plus the mountain air smells sooooo good! Devil's Kitchen lol or also known as little Bryce Canyon
Pretty Interesting geology Just a pretty little shot  More fun colors and the long semi flat ridge you see in the background, that is Skyline and I am usually driving on it lol
Nebo Mountain, pretty impressive and the highest point in the Wasatch at almost 12,000 ft.  Over looking Utah Lake. What a great end to the day :)
Now it is off to bed. Have a very hectic work week and have to be up super early for last min details, direct the masses,  and make sure things go smoothly. Wish me luck!

Kiwi Popsicles

Posting so I don't forget to make these.  Don't they look yummy???

Not your average Saturday...

This is what I saw today!  What did you see today? 

The sheep were being herded off the mountain and through the middle of campus/ town. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!  Pure awesome. Glad I was on campus for work due to homecoming so I could see this. 

Hope you are having a great weekend too :)

Spark, Stewart Falls, and Music = Awesome Weekend!!!

Had such a fun weekend. Friday night went to Provo with my gal pal Nancy and we had dinner, cruised around BYU campus, giggled at the old periodicals in the library, and hit up Spark on the way home for girl mocktail drinks. It is hands down my new fav. place. Next date will be happening there for sure.
Fancy drinks and awesome atmosphere. Our dessert shooters...highly recommended and great for sharing! After a good nights sleep it was then off to Stewart Falls (named after one of our distant relatives) with my sister and brothers families. This has been on my bucket list for some time. Check, one more down. We got really dirty but the scenery was AMAZING!!!!!! Enjoy...

Sunday I went to Music and the Spoken Word for the first time. It was amazing :)  I ran into some old Hawaii friends who sing with the choir after. It was soooo good to see them and remember when we were all in choir together at BYU-H. Makes me miss Hawaii. But all in all a very fun weekend.


Hahahaha not really but I got some new Snow gear today :)
Fridays is Badger gear day in the office. I am now ready for football games and the hunting season too! 

Snow added ORANGE to its color palate right before I started...I thought I was getting away from it, but no. So I have decided to embrace it.

Happy Friday!

Camping, jeeping, turkey's, fishies and other things

Finally got to go camping! Love it especially when the night is clear and you can see stars for miles. At any rate had a great time, doped upped the ward kids on S'mores, It was awesome. The Allreds and I camped in style up Ephraim Canyon, even brought the dog. He was such a great protector...awkward for potty breaks though. Then took the girls on a little adventure. Stopped at Pete's Hole, the Soup Bowl, Joe's Reservoir, Orangeville, and Fairview Canyon. Then I took an epic naps since our camp neighbors were partying all night.

Here is my last few days in pictures, enjoy!

camping with the Allreds
Ward Camp out

Christie and I
Turkeys!!! There were about 15 of them and Huge!
Jeepy rocking the fall colors
 Ephraim canyon  Fishy at Pete's Hole. Love how clear it is.
Hello :) Soup Bowl
Tough Girls
Fav. rock and tree. Pure determination!
Joe's Reservoir, sooo blue! This picture does not do it justice. It was a glacial blue color. Amazing Well, hope your weekend…

New Dress

Got a new dress today and I think I like it...Still on the fence but it has pockets :)
Sorry for the blury picture...I tried :)

Pete's Hole...My weekend was pretty great.

Had a fun time this weekend. It was nice to get out in the mountains and not drive up north for once.
Went to Pete's Hole, my new fav. place, and had a fun little hike trying to find another little lake Academy Mills about a mile up the trail...Didn't find it and we went about 2+ miles before we turned around. It was fun, a beautiful day, and a fun little hike. Met some locals on the way down who told us where the the lake kinda was. No real trail or marked. Guess I need to take a local next time lol. Here are some pics from the day :)
Pete's Hole   Super clear water...I love this place!  Albino trout just chill'n.
  Our little lake trail.  Love the shadows and how clear this lake is!  Little fishies in the stream...cute! Well, what I thought was Academy Mills all dried up.. Nope this was a mile + away from the real deal. Not sure what this was...still cool though.  The flat part of the trail. Loved all the random meadows we came upon. End of the trail and back where we start…