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Capitol Reef Day 2

Day 2 and boy did I enjoy sleeping in. Got one last hike in before I had to go home and puppy sit.   Chimney Rock  Old Uranium Mines from the early 1900's...what???  Starting out on the Grand Wash trail. My awesome trail...  Hello! Loving this trail... Warming up...
Cassidy Arch, yep named after the famous Butch Cassidy...
Man, I did not want to leave!!!!!!  Still over 100 miles of park to explore. I will be going back for sure!

Capitol Reef Nat. Park Day 1

LOVE LOVE LOVE this park!!!! Truly have I never hear of this place before??? Any way the best day ever!!!  5 hikes, 1 scenic drive, historic homemade lunch, park practically all to myself, perfect weather, dinner at an amazing restaurant, and a clear and starry night!  

The only thing that would have made it better was to have shared it with someone special. Still, I had a blast with little to no techno distractions (no phone, music, etc). So, that said here are a few of my fav. pictures from day one. Enjoy...
Good morning... Goose-neck and Sulfur Creek
the Castle the old School House
Gorgeousness  the orchards are amazing...
So are the Fremont Petroglyph. These guys look like aliens to me.. The sheep are cool too Saw so many of these guys.  I love lizards...lets call this one Terri Hickham Bridge, my fav. hike of the day and had the place all to myself. Beautiful! Having fun.... Uh Oh gotta love the self portraits...
 Blue sky's  Loved how the trails were marked and especially like…

Capitol Reef National Park

Going to be checking this out soon. Super excited!!!!

Haunted weekend....sneak peek

Had a weekend of haunted awesome... & I got turned into a vampire...JK but here is a little sneak peek :)

More pics to come with an explanation.  Hope you have a wonderful week! I plan too :)

More Sheep...

Happy Friday!!! Another flock came through campus yesterday. Photos compliments of Wally Burrus. 
I have another fun weekend planned, hope you take some time to play as well. You have earned it! 

Happy Friday!!!!!!

My newly washed jeans that are usually tight...fitting loose today. Word, I now have a new fav. pair of pants.  What an awesome Friday.

Off to play with friends, paint the town red, and be spiritually fed ;)

Treats and 10,897ft

Finished making treats last night for all the folks who helped make our Accreditation visit a success and delivered them this morning. That way I don't eat them but I get to enjoy making them. 

Then I took off most of the day, took a nap, read my new book, got my oil changed, and then drove along Skyline Drive. Pretty neat. Took a right instead of going left like I usually do and spotted some neat little reservoirs, a herd of sheep and more pretty fall Aspen colors. For some reason my photos will not rotate (Sorry)

Mountain Lake. No really that is it's name.  I think this could be a new sweet camping spot.  Not sure the name of this one but it is a reservoir for Manti How cute are these guys. I just stuck behind them for awhile. Reminds me of when I was little and we used to walk our neighbors sheep down the street like our pets. Too funny! Ferron Reservoir  Woot Woot! Highest point baby! I love my Jeepy!!! Makes all my random adventures possible.
All in all a day well spent and it i…