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22 DAYS!!!!!

Not Hawaii people! Although that would be awesome too.
Guess again and you may win a fabulous prize!!!

A Trip Down Memory Lane 2

While Blake was on his mission I was in Hawaii as you can tell from these inspired clips. Again from another book I made for Blake. Cheesy I know but what can you do? He is just so dang cute.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Here is a trip down memory lane. I was going through some pictures I took of some books I made for Blake when he was on his mission and I thought they were funny so I thought I would share.

Gelato Italiano!!!!

Last night was a girls night out with my friend Christa. Hooray!I ran almost 3 miles prior to our girls night so I decided to reward myself with some Gelato!Yummmmm. I think I deserved it after that. For you people that is a huge accomplishment because I hate running but I promised Blake we would run a 5K together so I have been training. Plus I want to be swimsuit ready for my mystery vacation. Can you still guess where I am going?

After gelato we went exploring down town. They just built a new swanky all Green (eco friendly, not the color green) high rise and we went to go investigate. Lo an behold they have a super sweet spa and we went in to get rates and get a peek. Since we were there at like 7:30 we got a VIP tour of the facility on a whim. It is on the first 3 floors of the building and is huge and super beautiful. WE even meet the owner, neato.

Here is there link, check it out:

Needless to say it was a fun night out. After that I got to babysit for my fr…

Short hair club!

About three weeks ago I chopped my hair. It was hot outside and it was time to so something to cool off. So on a whim right after my exercise class on a particularly steamy day I went straigt to the salon and told them to hack it all off. They took off about 10 inches and decided hey why not donate it since it is long enough. I was able to donate it through the salon with Locks of Love. As an added bonus as I was about to pay they said "Hey it free since you donated." How awesome it that? It totally made my day. So for all of you who have not see me recently I no longer have flowing long locks. Here is a picture to get you up to speed on my new look.

27 Days

Guess where Blake & I are going in 27 days!
Woo Hoo I am so excited.


Here is my hunk of a husband with the catch of the day!
You Rock Sweetheart!

Comments to dogs

Wow! I am surprised by all the feed back.
Thank you for checking out my Blog everyone!

So i am house/ dog sitting right now and it is a blast.
I am kinda making a side career of it.
It is a nice break from apartment living anyway.
So here is my little buddy Toby. We like to go on runs to the park, play fetch, get crazy hyper and take long walks on the beach. Hehehe just kidding but we do go running, play fetch (he would play all day he has so much energy), and i give out lots of doggy massages and belly rubs. Yes, he is spoiled. I love thier garden too so i had to add a picture. It is so relaxing.

I can sew!!!!

So I just started taking a sewing class put on by some super cool ladies at church. So the inspiration to start sewing stemmed from attending a purse party a few weeks ago. They were all so stinking cute and I wanted them all but then my friend & I thought to ourselves we could make our own.

So here is the first sewing project ever by me. I thought it turned out pretty cool. I had some left over fabric so I'm thiking that I am going to attempt a smaller version. Next week we are making pajama pants. I am excited. Anyway Enjoy!

Hello World

Hello Everyone! Yes, i have done it. I have given in to Blogging. Hopefully now i can keep everyone better posted on what is going on in the universe of Heather Boren.
I actually have pictues to post but I have to figure that out first after work. This has been a lunch break update from Corvallis.

Peace out People!