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Guess what I am going to do in the new year! 

Super excited!!!!!! Who wants to go with me?

Singing and being sick

Well, the last few weeks have been interesting.  I got my flu shot but got stalked and bitten by a nasty cold instead. There is some nasty stuff going around. 

At any rate I got so sick I lost my voice and couldn't eat for a week. I was supposed to sing in the 79th performance of Handel's Messiah and I was getting really nervous that I still didn't have a voice a few days before the performance. I thought well I guess I can lip sync.  

My dad came down too to watch me sing.  My parents have always been so great at supporting us kids whenever we are performing in something. Anyway it was a good excuse to clean up my apartment lol.  

The first night I was kinda getting my voice back but as Karma would have it I had a terrible coughing attack during the first song. It was hilarious. I was trying not to cough but every time I look a breath I started to cough and my eyes started to water. I had tears running down my face by the middle of the song but I just let them flow since you…

Thanksgiving was pretty sweet

Post explosion I know.  Had a pretty awesome holiday in Idaho.  Carpooled with my sister and her family and got to entertain the kiddos.  We roled into town and went to my neices concert.  She is growing up and I am so proud of her. 

Thanksgiving day and I am thankful for family and bubblegum lol

 Turkey cookie tradition!!!
Black Friday shopping later in the day...we are not that crazy!
 Got to visit with one of my greatest friends ever!   Seriously my soulmate!  New hat and scarf! Plus my hair is long enough for braids! Cuties!  Got to see Moriah play soccer. It was pretty funny to watch.

 Winning team and winning smile!

WOW! Its been over a month!

Sorry friends!!! I have been gone awhile.  Here is what I was up too in November :)

Took my sister out for a night on the town and saw a Cirque du Soleil show. Pretty awesome!!! 

 Then I hosted a fondue party one sunday night.
 Then it snowed so this was my snowy day treat!
And I was puppy sitting. She is an eskimo and would be content just chill'n in the snow...literally. 
Went to my fav. place in Provo and had lunch with a friend. Love thier fun mocktails. Getting ready to take my girls to Park city for the weekend. 
 Had crepes for dinner at Me Crepes. Super yummy!
My new Park City purchase. Love it!
Well that was novemeber in a nutshell.  Peace!

Dash in the dark 5K and other things

I got to volunteer at the Dash in the Dark 5K last week. What a blast! We painted the faces of Snow College's Girls Basketball team and spread them out along the race route. They turned out awesome. I was the official time keeper and got to start the race. Soooo coool. We started at the old Pioneer Cemetery and end finished at the new cemetery. Scary!!!! 

Then I raced up to SLC to meet up with an old BYU-H friend and stayed out way too late. The next morning I got to see these cute faces...

Love these kids, their crazy hair, and fun personalities!!!
And on the drive home got stuck behind some of these again lol

And ended my night here. Amazing!


Hope you had a fun Halloween!!!
We dressed up for work and had the little preschoolers come and trick-or-treat. Too cute! Last Saturday I had a Halloweenish themed double date of geocaching and a haunted tour. It was pretty fun. 

 Chill'n with my cute niece Megan Saturday Night glam :)  Our geocache find :) Writing in on the log...  One of our haunted stops...
hahahahahahha this makes me laugh every time!  Little Red, Mad Scientist and Witch.  Cute witches! Walmart was out of hats so I made a little dinky one. Didn't have a lot of trick-or-treaters but a few still came. Maybe because I was dog sitting and not really in town. But isn't she cute?