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Surfing, reunion, and Texas

Well, it has been over a month again but lots has happened naturally. This time I have pictures to prove it.

Most recently, I just got back from the best weekend ever with Blake in Houston, Texas. Lots of good old bonding time, kayaking, good food, and relaxing. Blake's tradition is to make Sunday dinner and I got to help him make a traditional Venezuelan dish from his mission. Shredded beef, black beans, rice, and fried plantains. It was pure goodness. All fresh ingredients and tasty. I hope we make that again. Then after dinner it was a mad game of cranium with friends. It was amazing. I am still on a happy high.

A beautiful sunrise in Galveston. Yes, mom I actually was up that early hehehe

My Beautiful babies all decked out and ready to play. Here Blake is super bummed that the weather was crappy and too windy so we couldn't go kayak fishing. He really wanted to catch a shark. Yikes, I was just going to kayak and be the official photographer.

Happy Feet and plan B at Armand Ba…

Anniversary post a few days late.....

We did it! We have made our 4 year mark! Love you!!!

Lots going on since last month

Ok, It has been ages since my last post.

Here's what went down since my last post:

Spring Break March 20th - 29th:
Drove to Seattle and chilled with the rentsFlew to Salt Lake chilled with the In-Laws Drove to Las Vegas and partied as hard as a Mormon can for three nights. Saw the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Explored the Strip, Enjoyed awesome weather, Etc... Too much to babble on about. Drove back to Salt Lake, Chilled with familyLearned to Ski for the first time at Alta and met up with Kumar. thanks for teaching us.Flew to Seattle, Drove to Vancouver, WA to crash a wedding reception. then drove home.April 4th -Skiing

Went Skiing at Hoodoo. Blake is crazy good and we had an awesome time. This is our new sport

April 10 & 11 - Singing and Skiing

I sang in the Easter Concert and even has the female solo. It was amazing. So i did that Friday and Saturday. Blake supported me on Friday then took off for the mountains right after my performance with Skiing on the brain. Blake rocked it at Mt …

Time Out for Women Slumber Party

Last weekend I got to go down to Seattle and go the the "Time Out for Women" conference. It was amazing!!!!!!! I totally had needed a time out. I got to whisk my sister away from her family and meet up with my Aunt and cousins at Mom's house. Poor dad, there were seven ladies in the house. Needless to say we were everywhere and it was a total slumber party. Well hardly a slumber party we could not shut up and talk late every night. Hehehehe

I love my family and it was awesome to meet the newest cousins. Kim, you are awesome. Sarah, Welcome to the family!!! You are amazing too.

Thanks dad for putting up with us and for making the best breakfast ever.

We went to the Saturday session and my favorite LDS artist was there. Hilary Weeks!!! We got to meet her and get CD's signed. I love you!!! All of the speakers were amazing, hilarious and so uplifting. It was just what I needed. The one thing that stuck out to me was this: "Turn your complaints into a prayer. Add He…


What the heck! It is totally snowing today.

Toby the Wonder Dog!!!!

Blake and I are house sitting/ dog sitting again.
I love this dog. He is my adopted child.
Toby the Wonder Dog!!!!!
So last night I was giving Blake a head massage and Toby started growling at us.
It was pretty hilarious to see him soooo jealous of Blake. He is used to just me playing with him and giving him attention. He was wanting his doggy massage.
Hehehehehe what a funny dog.

We went to the dog park on Saturday for a sunny stroll and to play fetch. We found an awesome field right by the river with no other dogs around. It was perfect to play fetch. Or so i though.
Toby and i were having a great old time playing when all of a sudden a little yappy dog came cruising over to where we where. Boy did he want Toby's ball. They both started playing but then the other dog started to get nippy. I did not like that. Anyway I tried to get the dogs collar but he was to quick. Owner still cruising at the other end of the park with not a care.... I had enough so I finally got the ball and held it…

Our New baby

Our new JEEP! It is awesome!!!!!!
A frosty cool spot we found on our adventure yesterday.
The "Beast" in action.

More cool People

Best Friends

Good buddies. Lucky that our hubbies are best buds. We lucked out.

My cousing Shannon and my mommy.

All the Cool People we saw at Christmas

Awwww Kara and Blake. She is now a married woman. thanks for letting us crash the sealing

My Bro Timmy Pooh. hehehehe

Awww family times.

Blake and his Bro Blair. Good times.

SLedding after Christmas with the Johnsons


CHristmas in Utah

Me and the old man Jerry Boren

Super cute neices with Crystal, Brian, Jerry, and Margaret in the background

They are too cute

Christmas Morning Quich. I love this Boren Tradition. SOOO good.

More Vegas

The outside view of the Hotel.

Awww we are soooo cute.

At the Belagio. Super cool

Look it me! I own the Strip!

Viva Las Vegas Cont...

Again another cool view of the Lobby...

And the ceiling

I loved the gondola boats. Too cool