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Surfing, reunion, and Texas

Well, it has been over a month again but lots has happened naturally. This time I have pictures to prove it.

Most recently, I just got back from the best weekend ever with Blake in Houston, Texas. Lots of good old bonding time, kayaking, good food, and relaxing. Blake's tradition is to make Sunday dinner and I got to help him make a traditional Venezuelan dish from his mission. Shredded beef, black beans, rice, and fried plantains. It was pure goodness. All fresh ingredients and tasty. I hope we make that again. Then after dinner it was a mad game of cranium with friends. It was amazing. I am still on a happy high.

A beautiful sunrise in Galveston. Yes, mom I actually was up that early hehehe

My Beautiful babies all decked out and ready to play. Here Blake is super bummed that the weather was crappy and too windy so we couldn't go kayak fishing. He really wanted to catch a shark. Yikes, I was just going to kayak and be the official photographer.

Happy Feet and plan B at Armand Ba…