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What the heck! It is totally snowing today.

Toby the Wonder Dog!!!!

Blake and I are house sitting/ dog sitting again.
I love this dog. He is my adopted child.
Toby the Wonder Dog!!!!!
So last night I was giving Blake a head massage and Toby started growling at us.
It was pretty hilarious to see him soooo jealous of Blake. He is used to just me playing with him and giving him attention. He was wanting his doggy massage.
Hehehehehe what a funny dog.

We went to the dog park on Saturday for a sunny stroll and to play fetch. We found an awesome field right by the river with no other dogs around. It was perfect to play fetch. Or so i though.
Toby and i were having a great old time playing when all of a sudden a little yappy dog came cruising over to where we where. Boy did he want Toby's ball. They both started playing but then the other dog started to get nippy. I did not like that. Anyway I tried to get the dogs collar but he was to quick. Owner still cruising at the other end of the park with not a care.... I had enough so I finally got the ball and held it…