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Happy Birthday

Happy 29th Birthday to me!!!!!

One year closer to 30 but i don't feel old at all. Must be my maturity level. hehehehehe

Anyway, mother nature gave me snow for my birthday and thus campus was closed until 10am. It was glorious to sleep in and go to work late. Plus it is beautiful outside. It truly feels like Christmas.


I was tagged by Crystal to do the 4th picture photo tag.

Here is the fourth picture from my fourth file:This is from this summer when Blake and I went to Mexico for our 3rd year anniversary. I actually just learned that Tulum (pictured) was a sacred place to the Mayans and they have 3 different carvings on the temple for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Pretty cool huh?
Crystal, can't wait to see you at Christmas!!!

My New Store

Hooray, I finally did it.
Check out my etsy website for fabulous jewelry handcrafted by me. Click in my mini store and it will take you to my website. Here are some photos to lure you in:


Thanksgiving was awesome!!!!

I got to go to my sisters home and my parents came down from Seattle. Lots of good food and socializing. You can't beat that.

I got to make the green bean casserole which was ironic. I hate green beans!!! But I still ate some just for Blake. He loves them. But on a happy note, I got to also make an apple pie and the marvelous stuffing!

Melissa and I got to go shopping the day after. Boy did we live it up for like 6 hours of glorious shopping. It was fun to hang out with my big sis. Just the two of us. We actually got a lot done.

Then we were able to go see Australia on Saturday. Love the movie and I think everyone should see it. Epic fantasticness.

I have to say that my nieces are sooo cute and fun. Here is a funny epiphany they had. Grandma (mom) overheard and told me the gist of it. It went down like this :

"Mommy and Aunt Heather are having fun together huh!"

"Yeah and they are sisters!!!"

"They like to do things together."…