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Happy halloween

Happy Halloween.

We dressed up for work today. My Boss was Sarah Palin and even had vote for me cards to pass out with funny quotes like i can see russia from my house... . It was pretty hilarious. I just wanted to wear sweats to work so here i am trying to pull off a Pacific Coast surfer with leis. hehehe lame i know but i was really comfortable. The dean had a hard time figuring me out. Where is your creativity huh???? I really dug my cardboard surfboard. It's the me mini model. It is soo hot right now!!!!


My car got broken into this morning and my iPod was stolen.I am soooo sad. Blake gave me that iPod a long time ago and put good music on it for me. I neglected to lock my car when I got home last night and this morning most of my doors were open, the glove box open, and the middle arm rest thing was open. The one night i don't lock it!!!My beach towel of all things was taken out and thrown in my flowers in front of my apt. they must have saw the muddy doggy prints on it from when Toby and I went running in the rain and chucked it. I think it happened this morning because my battery was not dead due to the doors being open. At least the windows were not broken or more damage was done.At first it didn’t look like anything was stolen, but then I remembered I had my iPod in there from working out the other day. But I searched all my bags, purses, and apt to confirm it was really gone. I filed a police report and called my insurance company but they basically can’t do anything. At lea…

Coastal Field Trip

Hooray for the Beach. I got to take a group of new and returning students on a field trip to the Oregon Coast. It was a blast. We had a world renowned Oceanographer/ Geologist (who teaches for the my department) as our guide. We went to Seal rock, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Ona Beach for Lunch, and then on the the dormant volcano to Mary's Peak. It was very interesting to learn about the ancient volcanoes that shaped the Oregon Coast and about the different kinds of sediments, and how to identify them.

Seal Rock
I found a slimy friend. Our unofficial mascot is the slug because our computer lab in the the basement so they call it S.L.U.G. Students Learning Underground. Anyway i got a kick out of it. It was pretty big!

Lots of sea foam. We had to trudge through it to get to the tidepools. Under the white fluffy top was puck green sludge. It was gross and sticky, I guess i should have expected that of dead organic matters. It did not come off easily.

All in all it was such an…