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Merry Christmas




Trick or Treat

Take Candy or I will put a spell on you.....hahahahahaha (Evil cackle)
Oh the joys of dressing up at work. We made a Harry Potter Theme this year.

Happy Halloween Everyone!



Just Wondering......

Does anyone even read this blog besides me?
No one comments anymore. Sad day. I guess I just wait to long between posts and you have become bored with me.

Until next time world.


Check it out!!! How awesome is this????

I ordered a 20X30 print for $20 before my vacation and this in my proof.

A fellow BYU-H alum started a business called My Aloha Photos and now has a display at Turtle Bay as well. Basically you purchase the print size, tell them what you want it to say, then they go to the beach, build your name with stuff from the beach, and shoot it. Amazing. Now I just need to find a frame and where to hang it. May have to re-arrange my gallery wall. hehehehehe Check out the website:

Saturday Market

This is a little late but I went to the local market a couple weeks ago. Here are a few pics of my exploits.

The market and fountain...

The peaceful river...

My booty: yummy cheese, cherries, strawberries, lettus, & hazelnuts...

And lunch = a great saturday!

Las Vegas & NewMexico

Rested out heads at the Bellagio last week...

and had reakfast at the Bellagio Cafe with my honey. Yummmm

rested our heads here in New Mexico

our room..small but nice for a historic 30's era hotel.

Craft booth pictures

Finally, Pictures of my booth from OSU's Mom's Weekend.
A little fuzzy but you get the idea. It was fun!!!

OSU's 56th Annual Luau

Guess what?

I leaned a hula and danced at OSU's Luau put on by the Polynesian Cultural Club Hui O Hawaii.
A call went out for faculty and staff to join in the fun and I accepted the challenge. Pretty hilarious to watch I am sure.

Practice started at the end of January and the big day was Saturday April 23rd.

I was totally nervous as I was front and center (why does that always happen to me?) and we practiced like crazy. I have always wanted to learn the hula and now I can check it off my bucket list.

The whole night was amazing and totally reminded me of college. The performers were so talented and the venue was packed. Plus the food was soo good. I miss Hawaii!!!!

Well, here are a few photos of me trying to pull off a hula.

Here is us practicing with Benny the Beaver OSU's mascott.
We made him dance and it was hilarious.

Art show ... the end

Well the show is over but here are a few pictures i snapped of them hanging.
They were the brightest happiest ones there.

Whistler BC

Happy Friday,

Here are a few pictures from our trip.
It was amazing and I highly recommend you go there. I had a nasty cold the night before we left but we still had a blast with Blake and Becca Pederson. Thanks for going with us guys. Sorry for coughing on you hehehe

Lions Bridge in Vancouver. I love it

The sea to sky highway. Loved it too. I could so live here.

Old gold mine. It was really cool but closed when we stopped.

We are here!

Our room. Loved the fake fur throw. Super warm and fuzzy

Fun bathroom.

Our view of the town sort of

The lobby. They had pipping hot apple cider available 24/7 loved it

The steaming pool

can you say Olympics. Too cool

Gondola right up Whistler Mt.

the top

The peak to peak gondola. So freaking awesome.
If you are not afraid of heights you need to ride this. Held like 20 people with all their gear.
The view was amazing. The engineering was impressive.

The other side. Top of Blackcomb Mt.

My honey's action shot from the Gondola. Soo cute. Glad i caught him.
Two mounta…

Spring Break 2011

12 more days until this!!!!

And this....

Whistler, B.C here we come.

Artsy Fartsy Update

I was chosen for the art show!!!!! So excited.
My stuff will be displayed at LeSells Stewart Center March 7-30th if you want to take a look.

Happy day!!!!

Artsy Fartsy Post

OSU is having a Faculty Staff Art show in March.
Here is what I submitted. Cross your figures I get picked!!!

Obviously you can tell I am still obsessed with Hawaii.
Diamond Head
Red Plumeria...Sorry this photo turned out pretty crappy.
Doesn't do this painting justice! The colors are actually really bright.

Have a great week everyone!!!