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P-Town and Utah

Blake and I got to go to Pendleton and then to West Point Utah last week.
It was good to see family again and have a good time!
In Pendleton Blake took me on a date to Great Pacific (GP) my favorite restaurant ever!
Then we went to La Grand with Blake brother Blair & his wife Amber to go shoot lots of guns.
It was awesome to be in the mountains again and shoot stuff up. Nothing living of course.
Later on we went to visit his parents in Utah. For this leg of the trip Blake didn't know i was coming but his mom did. I dropped him off at the airport Thursday and i flew over Friday night.
The shock on his face was priceless as i sneaked through the front door. The next morning I surprised his dad too. It was fun to be sneaky! On Saturday Blake and I went for a drive up the canyon to Snow Basin resort to see the trees leaves changing and to hike around.

We took the gondola up to the top and and it started raining and thundering so we didn't last long on the trails. On the way down go…


It has been awhile!

For Labor day I took my good friend Kristin surfing at the Oregon Coast. It was her first time and I am proud to say that I got her hooked. She is obsessed so of course I have been suppling her obsession with movies, books, and cool websites. Now i am not the only one obsessed and wished I could go all the time.

So Sunday during sacrament of all places I suggested we go to the beach as a good sunday activity.
So we did. It was amazing! We went to Otter Rock & Devils Punch Bowl to watch the sunset, have a picnic dinner (some sand included), watch the waves and have good old friendship building time. We saw a few old surfer dudes paddle out and catch a few waves. And we saw a bunch of whales in the twilight. It was magical. I love the beach!!!