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Time Out for Women Slumber Party

Last weekend I got to go down to Seattle and go the the "Time Out for Women" conference. It was amazing!!!!!!! I totally had needed a time out. I got to whisk my sister away from her family and meet up with my Aunt and cousins at Mom's house. Poor dad, there were seven ladies in the house. Needless to say we were everywhere and it was a total slumber party. Well hardly a slumber party we could not shut up and talk late every night. Hehehehe

I love my family and it was awesome to meet the newest cousins. Kim, you are awesome. Sarah, Welcome to the family!!! You are amazing too.

Thanks dad for putting up with us and for making the best breakfast ever.

We went to the Saturday session and my favorite LDS artist was there. Hilary Weeks!!! We got to meet her and get CD's signed. I love you!!! All of the speakers were amazing, hilarious and so uplifting. It was just what I needed. The one thing that stuck out to me was this: "Turn your complaints into a prayer. Add He…