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Greetings!! After getting a lot of flack for not posting here is your post. (Rachel) :)
Blake organized an awesome trip to Royal Basin in the Olympic National Park. Here are a few photos for the non Face book people. Well here is the documentation of our two day16 miles round trip backpacking epic experience. I thought I was going to die while the Blakester was in outdoor heaven. Lessons I learned I need to work out more but I still conquered that trail. OK OK even though these little old ladies totally smoked us I am still proud of myself for actually doing it and for not breaking down on the trail half way up and crying my eyes out because I was sooo sick of climing up. It went on and on and on and on. Ever steeper and rockier....i think you get the picture....

Royal creek. At the beginning.
Becca Pederson and i somewhere on that crazy steep trail

Ok this part was actually a nice break in going up

Why hello handsome. Got to love the selfportraits.

Biggest tree ever!!!!!!
Are we there yet? …