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Lots going on since last month

Ok, It has been ages since my last post.

Here's what went down since my last post:

Spring Break March 20th - 29th:
Drove to Seattle and chilled with the rentsFlew to Salt Lake chilled with the In-Laws Drove to Las Vegas and partied as hard as a Mormon can for three nights. Saw the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Explored the Strip, Enjoyed awesome weather, Etc... Too much to babble on about. Drove back to Salt Lake, Chilled with familyLearned to Ski for the first time at Alta and met up with Kumar. thanks for teaching us.Flew to Seattle, Drove to Vancouver, WA to crash a wedding reception. then drove home.April 4th -Skiing

Went Skiing at Hoodoo. Blake is crazy good and we had an awesome time. This is our new sport

April 10 & 11 - Singing and Skiing

I sang in the Easter Concert and even has the female solo. It was amazing. So i did that Friday and Saturday. Blake supported me on Friday then took off for the mountains right after my performance with Skiing on the brain. Blake rocked it at Mt …