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Vegas Day Two - June 17th

After getting situated we really enjoyed our new view! Amazing!!! It was 102 and too hot to do anything but go to the pool!  The hotel had 2 pools and a private beach. We were in Heaven. 

Megan had dance classes in the morning so we lived it up for a bit before we picked her up. Oh, and I got hit on at the pool...that was a little ego boost lol. My niece and sister tease me for that one.
 Love the sun!
Once Megan was done for the day we picked her up and she went paddle boating with her dance girls. Too cute!

 Happy Feet! Megan live'n the dream before her dance party!
 Good Night!

Vegas - Day one! June 16

Ok Ok, Not really Vegas but we were close. My niece had a dance competition in Henderson, NV and I had the privilege to tag long with my sisters family.

This was the day  of driving, diffusing cranky kids, checking in, dance party (for Megan, Jealous!), moving rooms, and switching out a refrigerator like 3 times until we got one that worked. We got ourselves sorted by midnight. The hotel was gorgeous and very accommodating. Needless to say the sillies came out!

 I love my family to pieces!  We had the best time ever!

Waterfall Canyon - Ogden

The next weekend (June 15) ...Slumber Party at Ali's house. We hiked waterfall canyon to an amazing waterfall outside Ogden. The hike kicked our butts but we were super proud of ourselves!!! The falls were about 200 feet high and impressive.

Rocked it! The falls kinds broke down into these two beauties towards the bottom. The mist was my fav. part! View of Ogden and the girls! Our first glimpse!
Holla! This says it all...

Highland Games and Real Salt Lake

A few weeks old but I had the opportunity to experience the Utah Scottish Festival and Highland Games with my gal pal Jenni at the beginning of June (the 8th). We were in burly man & kilt heaven! Needless to say we enjoyed this cultural treat.  
Cutest Scotty  Highland Games...These guys were pretty impressive and almost broke the world record! Wicked Tinkers...AMAZING! They even had a didgeridoo  Pipers! Great background music. There were bagpipes everywhere!   Best Rootbeer ever!!! We kept getting refillslol
Later that night I went to my first ever Real Salt Lake soccer game. It was amazing and we had the best seats ever right above the goalie.  Needless to say we won and we got to see them score up close and  personal! I think I was more into it than my friend but whatever I had a good time jumping around! 
Pretty much a fun packed day!

I love to Paddle!

Had a blast paddling at Palisades last night with my pal Codi. I am pretty addicted and love that I can do this anytime after work! Woot Woot.

Rock'n it!

 Codi is a natural!

Mill Creek Canyon (Not Mill Creek Moab) & Donut Falls

Had another amazing weekend with my Moab Girls last weekend. Slumber Party Weekends Rock! I just need to move to SLC already.

Anyway, We hiked the Pipeline trail Saturday morning in Mill Creek Canyon. Made me miss the Oregon greenery. Then I got to go with another friend to Donut Falls later that afternoon. Awesome! And of course it was well documented lol. Enjoy!
Megan and the other Heather Me and Alli (thing 1 & thing 2)

 Love these girls!!!
Donut Falls!!!!

Moab Mayhem 2013 Teaser

Had the best Memorial Day weekend ever!!!!!!!!

Went to Moab with my girls and about 180 other single people. We camped right on the river at Gold Bar. Lot of socializing, hiking, and plain old mayhem lol. I had the privilege to meet a lot of really cool people and see some amazing things.

We hit up Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, MillCreek Falls, Corona Arch, Dino Tracks, and an art festival. So here are a few pics....a bazillion more to come but I wanted to share a few. 

 Love Love Love, Can't believe I finally got to see this in person!