Yellowstone Last day....So sad to leave!

Do we have to Leave???? that's what we kept asking ourselves!
 My squaw look!
We wanted to hike one last time but were crunched for time. So, What did we do? We hiked around that lake of course and it was magical!

 Love this girl! Best road trip/adventure buddy ever!

 My war wound from the day before...its got  sooo purple as the days went on. It was awesome!

 Funny story, we kept meaning to stop  here to get a picture so we cruised over like a bat out of hell. We were going a little fast. Scared these kind fellers. Alli got into a  conversation about their vintage side car motor cycles and we took pictures for each other. As we start to leave Beemer Bob (as he in know) asked where we were headed. turnes out we were headed to teh same place and he offered to take one of us for a ride. Little did i know that Alli had "ride in a side car motorcycle" on her bucket list. We were beyond excited. Now I know what you are thinking..strange men offering us rides....would normally seem really weird but they only had one extra seat and we were after all following each other to Old Faithful. Half way I got a ride too!!! Funnest thing ever! Beemer Bob has a blog and we made it on there too. check it out 

 Alli getting a ride. This would only happen with her around, soooo funny lol


 My turn!

 Beemer Bob!

 Navid, Me, Bob, Alli, and Kenneth. 
Thanks for the ride nice Texans!
 One of the weird Asian tourists we saw. Soo funnny!
Well me made it and met up with Liz for lunch. thanks for the fun times Liz! Sooo jealous you are there for the summer!
 What we saw on the way out!

 Until next time Yellowstone...You rock!


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