Floating the Provo River...

Floating the Provo river has been on my bucket list for some time and I finally got to do it with some awesome peeps! 

I learned a few things...the water is really cold, my lips turn purple, I can't steer very well with my little arms and legs, and crocs were not the best choice for foot wear. 

However, I had the best time ever, the boys were my hero's (saved my life a few times..ok not really but we'll let them think that) and they even saved my shoes a few times too so I think I'll keep them around. Doing this again for sure but I'll be bringing my paddle and wearing my neoprene boots! 
Megan and I!
 Tyson, Chelsea, and Spence...I got sunsceen in my eye!
 Blain and Rienna 
 Happy Floating!
 Happy Feet

 Megan Rock'n it!

 Megan, Jordan (my hero), and Rienna
  Blain and I (another one of my heros)
 Spencer, that what you get when you run into me lol
 Purple Lip girls!

 Something to warm me up
 Met up with my gal Ali later than night to soak my feet and watch Jane Austen Movies. What a great day!



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