How do you cure Yellowstone blues? Birthday Camping!!!!!

Well good thing we had another trip planned right after Yellowstone to cure our blues. Thank you Alli for having a birthday and for wanting to camp! We headed to Big Cottonwood canyon and parked our butts at Spruces campground. This place is awesome!
Saturday morning we decided to go hiking to silver lake and Lake Solitude. The wildflowers were out and it was gorgeous!!!

 Alli, Me, & Erin
 The Birthday Girl!!!
The hills are alive with the sound of music...
Freak'n love this picture of Erin :)

Lake Solitude

Silver Lake
More peeps were coming so we headed back to camp, took a nap and waited for the others...
Then. we hiked to Donut falls that afternoon. Love that hike...even stole some kisses in the cave :)

 Jenni! Love this girl too!

 Someone found me a nice rock :)

Donut Falls!
Broke my sunglasses on this hike, we we decided to be pirates! lol Attempted to cook dinner in the rain but the fire was very nice. It stopped raining and more people showed up. Perfect day!

The next day we packed up and enjoyed a  beautiful day. I got to work remotely Monday as I was picking my boss up from the airport, so I got to spend some time with the fam. Took the kiddos to Silver lake. It was a hit...well I thought so anyway :)

Love these people! Another perfect day!


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